Our Services

Our Services


We provide our clients with the optimum support they need to achieve their business targets. We do this through consulting, designing with clients, and building, implementing and managing advanced IT solutions and services.

Integrated Web Solutions

We provide an integrated package of web services that qualify us to be your successful and reliable web partner. We provide creative web designs, website hosting and domain name registration, and website maintenance. We also develop custom web applications and utility integration. We use all web technologies and development languages covering HTML, SQL, DHTML, Flash, ASP, PHP, Database Design and Development, Java, JavaScript, … etc.

Software Applications

Website design and development always has specific targets. Hence all design-related particulars should be taken into account. Clients have different objectives behind their respective websites. Our team is keen to come up with the best solutions on a cost-effective basis.

Website types

1- Simple Website

If your needs are limited, we can provide you with a simple and attractive website to maintain web presence without bearing additional investments.

2- Advanced Website

If you desire to have advanced and sophisticated web presence, we can provide you with an all-embracing website supported by a package of innovated electronic solutions to promote your school and help you achieve progress.

3- Special Website

You may be engaged in specially unique and untraditional activities. In this case we closely cooperate with you to understand the nature of your business, determine your requirements and finally design an integrated package of solutions working in perfect harmony to reflect your special nature.

4- Multilingual Website

International institutions address various nationalities, using different languages. This requires a multilingual website. We are proud to have the high-quality skills and capabilities necessary to develop such international website.


We are proud to deliver integrated solutions for hosting services to equip you with a continuous, stable web presence. We provide the following hosting systems.

1- Independent-Server Hosting

This is the best solution for institutions wishing to have full control over their website environment without incurring liability for server administration or maintenance. Independent pre-set servers enjoy high performance and can function as:

  • web servers;
  • part of e-business solutions;
  1. a backbone of intranet; and
  1. a supporting system for any task requiring speed and utmost security.

2- Common-Server Hosting

You can use this system if you do not need the facilities available under Independent-Server Hosting. This system is cost effective. However, Independent Server Hosting provides greater security, better control and faster access.

Software Applications

Working hand in hand with the client, our team completes software development services as well as maintenance for systems after implementation. In this sector, our services encompass client’s requirement analysis, software design, software development, quality assurance, documentation and technical support. We employ a combination of emerging and traditional technologies with application-specific toolkits to provide our clients with the appropriate technology to address their software development requirements.

Data Platforms

We have a strong command of the major database platforms, we know how to maximize system performance, and we understand the critical issues of database maintainability and internal consistency. We consider it a priority to ensure that our database solutions can expand and evolve as a client’s data storage and retrieval requirements grow.

Educational IT Consulting

Our team of world-class software experts can help develop an innovative and cost-effective solution for any situation. We are familiar with many legacy systems, and we keep pace with emerging technologies. We have the ability to understand and analyze difficult problems, plan appropriate courses of action, and implement the solutions.

 Project manager& developing for:

  • http://www.mcccompany.net/
  • http://kheirguide.com/
  • http://www.unitedtextiles.net
  • HR software 
  1. Afifi software desktop application
  1. Alico mobile software money collector 
  • HR software 

Alico mobile software money collector

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